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How Come so lesbians that are few Dating Apps?

How Come so lesbians that are few Dating Apps?

Straight men date that is online. Gay males online date. Straight ladies date that is online. So just why are not homosexual females finding love online?

Matchmaker Emma Tessler has an issue. She aren’t able to find lesbians. Whenever Tessler made a decision to start on the web matchmaking service The Dating Ring couple of years ago, she could not get nearly women that are enough gay match with all the few homosexual ladies who had subscribed to the solution. “We chatted to numerous individuals, including founders of other internet dating sites, and gay females we had been friends with, ” Tessler claims. “Both stated that this is a actually typical phenomenon: that dating web web sites have notoriously low quantity of homosexual ladies, and that gay women can be not likely to flock to those solutions, ever. “

It really is real, looking for lesbians on Tinder is similar to looking for lesbians in a little city: you’ve got a sense they occur, but also on any romantic level at all are slim to none if you find one, the odds that she’s your age and single and you connect with her. Whenever a right girl logs into Tinder, it is a many different experience. She may well not think the very first few dudes are her type, but she could swipe for some hours and probably find 15 guys she’d at the least connect with. And it’s really no hassle for homosexual males; about 70 % of them report dating someone they came across on the web. So how did online dating miss out the lesbian community?

One explanation could possibly be because here simply is not any good application for queer females.

One reason might be because here simply isn’t any good software for queer ladies. Continue reading How Come so lesbians that are few Dating Apps?