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Can the Walmart MoneyCard behave as a bank account?

Can the Walmart MoneyCard behave as a bank account?

Whereas a family savings is a great spot to make interest and hold money for long-lasting and short-term objectives, a bank account comes in handy for bills and everyday costs.

Nevertheless, this really isn’t the only choice for having to pay bills.

The Walmart MoneyCard can be ideal for handling money, yet you might wonder whether this card may be used the exact same as a bank checking account.

The answer that is short yes. But before you go out and obtain a Walmart MoneyCard, here’s what you should understand.

What’s the Walmart MoneyCard?

To place it clearly:

A Walmart MoneyCard is really a reloadable prepaid credit card.

This is certainly not the same as a bank debit card given that it’s maybe not associated with a banking account.

However, the Walmart MoneyCard is supported by a major bank — Green Dot Bank — therefore it provides numerous top features of a bank checking account.

No overdrafts permitted

A huge advantage of a Walmart MoneyCard is the fact that you don’t need to worry about overdraft charges.

This will be you load onto the card because you’re only allowed to spend what. In addition, there’s no credit check since it isn’t a credit card.

With that said, anybody can obtain a Walmart MoneyCard despite their credit rating.

The card does include a Visa or MasterCard logo design, but, it out wherever these cards are accepted and enjoy the benefits of a credit card so you can pull.

Everything you Get Aided By The Walmart MoneyCard

The above mentioned options that come with the Walmart MoneyCard just scrape the area.

For the many part, this card was designed to assist you to effortlessly handle your money.

Consequently, you’ll enjoy listed here benefits that are additional

1. Get a merchant account quantity and a routing quantity

Although the Walmart MoneyCard is not a conventional bank account, it does have a routing quantity and a merchant account quantity. Continue reading Can the Walmart MoneyCard behave as a bank account?