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You will be right right here Autism Medicaid Autism BHT/ABA Solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions (Providers-FAQ)

  • Just just What assessments that are diagnostic to be performed to ascertain Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) for the Autism Benefit?
  • What exactly is used behavior analysis (ABA)?
  • What exactly is applied behavior analysis (ABA) solution?
  • How many other solutions may be designed for young ones entitled to the Medicaid/MIChild Autism Benefit?
  • Can a grouped family choose and select just what solutions they desire with regards to their son or daughter?
  • In cases where a young youngster does be eligible for the Medicaid/MIChild Autism Benefit as well as the family members doesn’t would you like to purse used behavior analysis (ABA) solutions, can they nevertheless have other required solutions such as for example work-related or message therapy?
  • Generally speaking, just how long can it decide to try get solutions started for a young child?
  • What are the obligations for the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)?